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Heating pad and its uses for back pain

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Most people like using heating pad because it is very easy to use. All that is required is for you to press a hand-held switch and hold it to activate the heating element of the pad and releasing it when you want to deactivate it. Quite ingeniously this heating pad draws moisture from the air to produce the required moist heat almost instantaneously as you pressed the switch. Heat is then retained in the fleece cover for a maximum time of about 25 minutes which is enough to relief your painful body parts. Once this time duration has elapsed, the fleece starts to get really dry and you should then put the unit away for some time to replenish air moisture it needs before using again.

The thermophore heating pad is considered one of the best heating pads in the market. This simple yet effective moist heating pad certainly can provide temporary pain relief to any parts of your body that hurt like your back, shoulder or leg areas.

Why is Heating Pad so effective?

The two essential things this moist heating pad need before it can work efficiently is moisture and high temperature. When it gets this, the moist heat that is generated dilates the person’s blood vessels and increases the circulation level and creates new blood flow. By doing so, it removes all traces of toxins or waste that were previously trapped around the injured area of the body. It then does the job of bringing new blood cells to the body tissue and in the process relieves the pain and starts the healing process.

As mentioned, the thermophore heating pad’s unique feature is using the induced high temperature to provide instant relief. An ordinary heating pad usually does not generate enough heat to provide such fast pain relief and in fact most doctors recommend to patients suffering from chronic back problems this heating pad as a good temporary relief before deciding if more treatment is required. The ordinary heating pad does keep the affected part warm but the heat is not enough to penetrate into the injured tissues. There are also many benefits of using top rated heating pad, which we will discussing later in this article.

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Types of heating pad

There are different types of heating pad and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are also used for different types of pain and also varies in size and price. There are electric, chemical, and microwavable. Within these categories are moist and dry heat options, and disposable/reusable options. Advantages of this heat pad is that it is reusable, it can provide heat for 13 to 6 hours, can be used even without boiling since you can use other means in melting the crystal such as food warmer or even the dash of your car. Hot water bottles have been in use longer than any of the other options. When far infrared waves penetrate through the skin it turns from light energy into heat energy. There is a huge selection of electric heating pads available. It can also be used for cold pack by putting it inside your refrigerator.

These are made of rubber and have a stopper that allows hot water to be poured in and sealed. Using a far infrared heating pad for about 30 minutes can get you up to 6 hours (!!) of back pain relief – without any medication. They come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. All types of fabric can be used to make hot water bottle covers, and even though electric and chemical heating pads have overtaken the top spots on the popularity lists, many are still opting for hot water bottles. Plus, the deep penetrating infrared rays do not only relieve your pain, they actually increase blood circulation in your muscles and help your body HEAL the injured area – faster. They are available in both moist and dry heat options, have easy to use controls, and many have an auto-shut off feature. They’re one of the safest ways to apply heat, and users make cozy covers with knitted fabrics, fleece, and even faux fur. Many come with washable covers, and warrantees.

Microwave heating pads
top heating pad 2017Microwave heating pads relax tight muscles after periods of strenuous activity – playing tennis, walking eighteen holes on a golf course, hiking, swimming, playing professional sports, mountain climbing, or mowing the lawn. For microwavable pads, there was also the problem of finding an available microwave while folks were traveling. If the warmer has already been heated then the heating time will be less. Once upon a time not that long ago, we lived in a poorly insulated apartment with three kids, including a preemie. Frozen, they become cold therapy packs to reduce swelling from surgeries, Wisdom Teeth extraction, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bee stings, bumps, and bruises.

So many people find relief with heat therapy that a solution needed to arise and the folks at Express Heat Therapy have solved the puzzle. If your microwave has a shelf of any kind, do not use it unless it is made of glass or heat safe plastic. It got really cold at night and no amount of running the heater (despite the $400 electric bills) got it warm in that apartment. Consult a physician for injuries and acute or prolonged pain. The heating pads that they have created can effectively work all over the body and maintain the much needed moist, heat relief for people sitting at home or out shoveling snow.

Nothing that can cause a hot spot. We would heat these up each night and place them in our children’s beds under the sheets (but below their feet) to keep them warm while they were falling asleep. Always stand and watch your warmer go through 3 full heating and cooling cycles when using it for the first time . (more…)

Simple Tips to Help You Raise Your Puppy

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Puppies are just like small children they need love and care. You not only have to train them where they need to go but also train them on what limits they are allowed. So, your ready to take on the responsibility of rearing a puppy. Before you tackle raising a puppy there are some things you need to know.

When you first bring home your puppy set up an area for his food, water, and bedding. The area should be clean and warm. Make sure you wash his bedding right before and after flea season. Your Vet should be able to give times when flea eggs hatch. Check with your Vet for the proper protection you need to put on your puppy. As your puppy grows flea and tick protection will need to be adjusted. The proper amount is determined by weight of the animal.

It would be good idea to see your Vet within the first few weeks you bring home your puppy. Puppies are more susceptible to dog diseases and your puppy will need to be inoculated and boosters as he grows. Your Vet can also check the overall health of the puppy. If you purchased your puppy from a reputable pet shop or breeder his health should be good.

Feeding your puppy you need to watch for any food allergies. Not all foods are good for all dogs. Just like humans some dogs can have allergies and some types of food are the cause. If your having difficulty finding a good brand of puppy food you can ask your Vet for some recommendations. Most puppies will find store bought foods to be adequate but stick to the major brands. If your puppy develops loose stools you may have to change brands.

Right after play and after a puppy eats is a good time to train your puppy on where you want him to go. It takes repetition and patience to paper train or train him to go outside. Taking your puppy for short walks will help him understand what you want of him. Make sure you take a bag to pick up any droppings.

Play time is crucial in a puppies development. Set aside a time to play with your puppy. Some doggy toys excite them and they enjoy playing with you. This is an important time that puppies begin to bond with their owners.

Whatever you allow your puppy to do will be carried over into his adult life. If you allow him on the furniture it will be more difficult to try and keep him off when he is older. The same goes with jumping on people. Whatever you think is cute now may not be cute when he is older especially if you have a large breed. Any bad habits he learns as a puppy will be carried over into his adult life so make sure its something you will allow.

His overall growth and development depends so much on you. These tips should help you have many rewarding years with your dog.